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    Jagex released the video ”Dev Diary Invention Batch 2”, showing that the invention will be a skill with a gamma level of up to 120.

    The invention is scheduled to receive an update in September 2017. The update will address the unfinished skills and add quality of life fixes. The quality of life changes that are considered include a bag for storing things and a way to remove items from items without the need to destroy the item or gizmo. Gizmo shells will be stacked to 60 can be executed in one action. Augmentors will be rewarded and the inspiration of the mechanics will be removed. The visibility will be switched exclusively on the enlarged parts.

    More content will be added between levels 99 and 120 with the addition of machines under the guild invention and higher level devices; .. However, no new perks or technological trees will be added to the machines being constructed using Construction of similar access points. Possible machines include a power generator, a medicine manufacturer, and an auto-alcher. New devices will include an automatic siphon and an adrenaline dummy. The benefits of aligning past 10 levels are also considered, although they will not have the benefits of disassembling or downloading equipment.

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